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How to use CO2

BG-Mosquitaire trap – with and without CO2

Biogents offers the outdoor mosquito trap BG-Mosquitaire in two variations:

• The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap which includes a BG-Booster CO2 (the CO2 bottle must be sourced separately

• The BG-Mosquitaire trap without the CO2 set. If you want to add CO2 to your BG-Mosquitaire trap at a later date, you can do this by adding the BG-Booster CO2 upgrade set.

BG-Mosquitaire CO2

The BG-Booster CO2

What is the function of the BG-Booster CO2 upgrade set?

The BG-Booster CO2 not only connects the trap to a CO2 bottle (the CO2 bottle must be sourced separately). The BG-Booster also helps to disperse the optimal dose of CO2 to imitate a human. In addition, the release rate can be adjusted to the local and seasonal mosquito situation.

Installation video

In the following video we show you how to install the BG-Booster CO2 set on your BG-Mosquitaire mosquito trap.

Optimal and low release rate of CO2

The BG-Booster CO2 adjusts the amount of CO2 released to the amount that is optimal to attract mosquitoes. Biogents recommends a daily release of 0.5 kg. This is about the amount a small child exhales daily. For comparison, an adult human exhales about 1000 grams of CO2 daily, and an average car produces about 1500 grams of CO2 per 10 kilometers.

Examples of CO2 releases in comparison

The BG-CO2 Timer - save CO2

Depending on the mosquitoes you are bothered by, the mosquito species are active at different times of the day and night. Thus, with our BG-CO2 Timer you have the possibility to limit the CO2 output to the main activity times of your local mosquitoes (for example only ten hours a day). In this way, the CO2 bottle lasts longer and you save money.

We recommend following time frames for the different mosquito types:

  • House mosquitoes: 6am - 9am and 4pm - 11pm
  • Flood water mosquitoes: 7am - 11pm
    (At the beginning of the nuisance, we recommend to start with 24 hours continuous CO2. When the population decreases, the BG-CO2 Timer can be switched to the recommended time frames.)
  • Tiger mosquitoes: 7am - 10pm
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