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Why use CO2?

The addition of CO2

lets you capture all types of mosquitoes & multiplies catch rates



Imitates a human being: Air currents, visual cues and artficial human scent attract mosquitoes, 24/7 in use


BG-Booster CO2

To upgrade your trap with CO2 and to optimize the CO2 output. With the BG-Booster CO2 your BG-Mosquitaire trap becomes the same as a BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap.


CO2 gas bottle

CO2 is the most important attractant for the majority of blood-sucking insects (the gas bottle is not included)


Attractive for all mosquitoes & increases catch rates


CO2 is a component of our breath. It helps mosquitoes find us in their search for a blood meal from a relatively long distance and is therefore an attractant for all mosquito species.

Even more like a human being!

With the addition of CO2, the trap looks even more like a human to the mosquito:

With a special nozzle, the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap imitates HOW CO2 is released by a human, and a special regulator provides the proper AMOUNT of CO2.


Scientific studies show the effect of CO2!

CO2 and BG-Sweetscent - an irresistible combination

CO2 and the attractant BG-Sweetscent from Biogents work together optimally: CO2 imitates breath and BG-Sweetscent imitates human skin odor. The combination of both can significantly increase the traps' catch rate, also for tiger mosquitoes.


On the left: Results of a study that shows the effect of CO2 on Asian tiger mosquitoes: Catch rates can be multiplied when CO2 is added to the BG-Mosquitaire trap.

Source: Degener, C. et al. (2019): Field trials to evaluate the effectiveness of the Biogents Sweetscent lure in combination with several commercial mosquito traps and to assess the effectiveness of the Biogents Mosquitaire trap with and without carbon dioxide.
Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, 35(1):32–39

When is CO2 needed?

Without CO2, the trap is mainly attractive for tiger mosquitoes which are active during the day.

But if you are bothered by mosquitoes in the evening, or if you live near flood areas, the reason for the nuisance is most probably not the tiger mosquito, but house or flood water mosquitoes. These other mosquito species need CO2 as an additional attractant.

Left: house mosquitoes; middle: flood water mosquitoes; right: tiger mosquitoes

With CO2 you get them all!

Therefore, in this case, you should choose the trap version with CO2 (BG-Mosquitaire CO2), because by adding CO2 you get them all - no matter which mosquito species and no matter whether you are bothered during the day, evening or night!

Continue: How to use CO2

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