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Take Control of Your Local Mosquito Population

Mosquito bites cause temporary inconveniences like itching, swelling, soreness or redness. But these effects aren’t the only reasons for controlling your local mosquito population. In many regions of the world, mosquitoes also spread serious diseases like dengue, chikungunya, zika, or malaria. For this reason, you’ll want an active approach to mosquito population control. Insect killer sprays and coil repellents get the job done but they release toxic fumes that affect the surrounding environment and lead to the development of resistance. Instead, use sustainable Biogents mosquito trap systems that effectively lure in the mosquitoes.

Biogents mosquito traps can locally control mosquito populations and significantly reduce biting pressure and nuisance. With more than 200,000 traps sold, Biogents is one of the market leaders for traps against tiger mosquitoes (Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, and dengue or yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti).

Why choose Biogents Mosquito Trap Systems?

Control your location’s mosquito population by investing in mosquito trap systems that have been scientifically proven by researchers as well as local and international authorities and organizations all around the world.

How Biogents Succeeds In Mosquito Control

Biogents offers insecticide-free mosquito trap systems which specifically target only mosquitoes and do not attract any beneficial insects like butterflies or bees.

There are two trap types available:

The suction traps (BG-Mosquitaire and BG-Home) imitate a human being and target mosquitoes that want to bite you. Without CO2, it efficiently attracts the Asian tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito. Since the odor of human skin is a strong attractant for mosquitoes, Biogents developed an attractant that mimics this scent to lure the mosquitoes in. With the addition of CO2, the spectrum of captured mosquitoes is widened and catch rates can be increased.

The other trap type (BG-GAT) imitates a breeding site and targets female tiger mosquitoes that want to lay their eggs. By removing these mosquitoes, the BG-GAT trap helps to stop future generations of tiger mosquitoes and limit population expansion. Invest in a sustainable mosquito control system that filters out blood-feeding insects without disrupting the rest of your ecosystem.

Invest in Biogents mosquito traps.

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