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Positioning of your outdoor suction trap

BG-Mosquitaire & BG-Mosquitaire CO2

BG-Mosquitaire CO2

Testing different locations

It is recommended to try different positions for a few days. A few meters can have a huge impact. The traps need about a week to show an effect.

Good placement

Mosquitoes should be caught where they rest during the day. These places are characterized by the following factors:

Minimum 5m distance

No close proximity to people, because mosquitoes would always prefer humans

No direct sun

Mosquitoes prefer shady places


Overhanging plants and bushes offer an ideal place protected from sun and wind


Near rain barrels, puddles, wetlands, fountains and drains

No wind

Mosquitoes prefer spots protected from wind

Placement Examples

The trap should stand protected, but still be clearly visible:


Extension cable

You need an extension cable for the correct placement? You can find this here among our accessories.

How to find the best spot?

For the placement of the trap there is a very simple technique to find the appropriate resting place of the tiger mosquitoes in your garden.

We invite you to visit the shaded areas of your garden in the hot hours of the day between 12 and 2 pm and spend a few minutes in each place, especially at the edges of your garden and near the neighbors.

There is a shady place where mosquitoes are particularly abundant and you will be bitten quickly. There you need to place the trap, keeping a minimum distance of 5 meters from the area to be protected, even if the distance from the house is greater.

It is more effective to block them directly at the resting place than to let them invade the garden.

The same principle applies to other mosquito species, except that they are active at other times of the day. You can follow the same steps, but at dusk.

Do you have any questions?

Please make sure to check our FAQs and do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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